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2018 Skeletal system webquest (Teresa Rivers) 3/14/2018


Skeletal System Web Quest


In class we have been talking about the skeletal system. Now you get to go on a virtual treasure hunt to dig up the dirt on bones! You will need to find the answers for the following questions. Click on the underlined web link to find each answer.

On the movie classics television station, have you ever seen that funky 1958 Steve McQueen movie, The Blob? An oozing, jello-like space creature slithers around a small, rural town and, of course, eats everyone it encounters. Well, if you didn't have a skeletal system, you would look just like the blob......


1.      Click ON the Links to find information needed to answer the questions.

2.      Please copy the questions onto a sheet of paper. (You can cut and paste onto a word document.) Save on your H drive or Flash drive.

3.      Write the answer to each question in complete sentences below the question.

For Questions 1 – 11 Click on “The Skeletal System”


  1. What is the Skeletal System?


  1. How does the Skeletal System help us?


  1. Who has more bones a baby or an adult?


  1. Are bones alive?


  1. What is a bone made of?


  1. How do bones break and heal?


  1. What is an X-ray?


  1. What’s up with joints?


  1. Does each bone have a name?


  1. How do I keep my bones healthy?


  1. Are my teeth counted as bones?


For Questions 12 -19 Click on Kids Health Website Questions


  1. How many bones is the human body made up of? List at least 10 bones.


  1. Name 3 types of joints and give an example of each. (Where are they located?)


  1. Define BONE MARROW and what its job is.


  1. What is the job of the rib cage? How many pairs of ribs do humans have?


  1. What is the name of the smallest bone in your body and where is it located?


  1. Give the name of the body part that holds bones together at the joint.


  1. List at least 3 things you can do to protect and strengthen your bones.


  1. List the 3 major bones for the arms and the 3 major bones of the legs.


For questions 20-30 Research on the Internet.


20.  What are the 5 functions of the skeletal system and give a description of each.


  1. What is the difference between ligaments and tendons?


  1. How do bones repair themselves?


  1. How does the number of bones and the amount of cartilage you change as you get older?


24.  What does the axial skeleton consist of?


  1. What does the appendicular skeleton include?


26.  How are bones classified? Give an example of each. Hint 4 types.


27.  Name two disorders of the skeletal system and give a brief description of each.


  1. What is rickets?


29.  Bone fractures in children are often different from fractures in adults. Explain why this may be so.


  1. Why do people often become shorter when they get older?


  1. How does the length of the femur compare to a person’s overall height?



After answering the above questions check out the websites listed below to gain additional information about the skeletal system.


ABC”ya” Skeletal System Label the Bones Game:


     Virtual Hip Surgery:


Virtual Knee Surgery:



ABC”ya” Skeletal System Label the Bones Game:



Additional Interactive Games:

Skeleton shape and structure - interactive name parts of skeleton - skeletal system quiz - crossword puzzle

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