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Attention Parents and Students!
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Let's start the school year off looking your best!

Before we know it, it will be Back to School time and we just wanted to make sure everyone has had a chance to read carefully the updated School Uniform Policy that was posted on the website and on Facebook. It has been revised and there are several key areas where changes have been made. 

Here are a few of the changes that are of special importance:

  1. The ONLY school uniform shirts will be the collared polo style shirt in the correct grade level color (Grade 6-gold; Grade 7-Black; and Grade 8-Gray) OR the uniform t-shirt that is sold in the office.  NO OTHER TYPE OF SHIRT will be allowed.  If a student comes to school in any other kind of shirt other than the two types listed above they will have to call home to get a uniform shirt brought to them.  No exceptions!
  2. Team/Club or Spirit shirts are to be worn on FRIDAYS only.  This is not a change, but it will be enforced.
  3. Students may not have any color other than a natural hair color in their hair.  NO ALTERED HAIR COLOR WILL BE ALLOWED!  No exceptions! 
  4. Pants must be worn at the waist.  No sagging pants at all.   

We have the greatest students in Mobile County and we want our students to look their nicest at all times, both on campus and off when on field trips or doing community service.  Following the uniform policy will ensure that they represent Grand Bay Middle School in the neatest and best looking way possible! 

Go Tigers!


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