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2017-2018 Uniform Policy
Posted On:
Thursday, June 08, 2017


Girls and Boys:

Shirts:  Collared, polo-style shirts in appropriate grade level color OR school t-shirts sold in office. No other shirts will be allowed.

6th Grade:  gold shirts               7th Grade:  black shirts              8th Grade:  gray shirts 

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  CURRENT Team/Club shirts may be worn on Fridays only. If a student chooses to wear a long sleeved undershirt, it must be one of the school uniform colors.  Girls may not have shirts open to reveal undergarments.  

Pants or shorts: Khaki uniform-style pants or shorts.  Shorts should be fingertip length (with extended arms by side). Girls may also wear capri pants. NO SKIRTS (Religious exemptions only).

Belt:  Belts are optional but pants MUST be worn at the natural waistline.  No unusual colors or decorations.  

Shoes:  Any athletic/tennis shoes or any flat black, brown, or tan leather gum-soled shoes that do not scuff floors. No “toed” type shoes.  Toes and heels of shoes must be enclosed.  NO BOOTS.

Socks:  Socks or no-shows must be worn at all times.    

Outerwear:  School uniform jacket or school sweatshirt/sweater in gold, gray, or black.  On cold days, heavier coats are allowed, but are to be removed when students enter building. 

1. Under the Mobile County School Board Policy, all students must wear a school uniform. Those students not      wearing a uniform may not participate in the regular instructional program. All uniform rules established by MCPSS are to be followed.

2. School uniforms are expected to be neat, clean, in good repair, and should fit properly.

3. Regular uniform pants must be full length and cannot be rolled or folded to a shorter length.  They must be the appropriate length, neatly hemmed, and should not be worn below the waist.  They may not be frayed, split, or cut at the bottom.  No corduroy or spandex pants are allowed.  NO OVERSIZED OR SAGGING. Students must wear appropriate size clothing.


4. No body piercings except for the earlobes.  Studs or small hoops only are recommended for safety reasons. Necklaces should be worn on the inside of the shirt collar.  Wallet chains are not permitted.  The school will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or loaned jewelry.  No sweatbands or armbands.


5. Hair must be neat, clean, and out of the eyes.  ALL HAIR MUST BE OF A NATURAL HAIR COLOR. NO ALTERED HAIR COLOR, for example Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Fire-Engine Red or any other color deemed inappropriate by administration.


6. No hats or head coverings are to be worn on campus during school hours or on buses. No hoods may be worn in the buildings or on buses.


7. No writing on the body.


Administration has the right to forbid any article of clothing deemed inappropriate.  It is for the safety of GBMS students that the above rules are to be followed.



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